“We are exploring a skills review process to ensure that what was trained was understood and applied effectively,” says Brown. When you’re ready to get remote onboarding right, you can trust Click to deliver. By announcing the arrival of the new employee, it will help them feel more comfortable messaging their teammates if they have any issues or need help with something.

remote onboarding best practices

Keep them engaged by sharing cultural snippets, exciting project news, and fun team-building activities. Before your new team members officially start their jobs, send them a welcome package ahead of time. Include a copy of any important HR documents they need to sign, the employee handbook, and any other information that would help them assimilate into your company culture. With a geographically distant new hire, all of these onboarding tasks need to be conducted remotely. This is made possible with digital tools, including dedicated onboarding software and videoconferencing platforms.

A Guide to Hire, Onboard, and Manage Remote Employees

Connect with them and ask them the relevant questions, and try to understand whether or not they feel comfortable and how you can enhance their experience in the first few months to make them feel more welcomed. Factorial’s employee onboarding feature enables a personalized onboarding process for each and every contracted remote employee. It guarantees your employees a quality onboarding experience through structured task flows, increasing the efficiency of how quickly you obtain results. Informing all employees of their pending tasks and of their scheduled completion date. Some companies conduct virtual onboarding because they hire remote employees.

One great solution for this is to partner with a reliable third party like Veremark who can conduct multiple checks, including identity verification for remote hires. We can also check the validity of their ID documents and conduct a biometric match to the ID document. These checks are conducted in compliance with the applicable laws to reduce the risk of running into legal trouble. If you’re hiring from another country, another challenge is to make sure that you are conducting the checks in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. For instance, in the UK, a more in-depth criminal check is only allowed for certain roles, such as those in the childcare sector.

Individualized Development Plans

Particularly when a new leader onboards, the organization should help him or her intentionally build a broad network, starting internally. Some companies set up a “shadow week” in which the new hire attends a wide variety of team and stakeholder group meetings, even those that may feel less directly relevant to that new hire’s core responsibilities. Offering each new employee a session with IT to show him or her how the videoconferencing platform, communication channels, and other company systems work can alleviate first-day anxiety. Doing this before the start date minimizes technical issues and allows new employees to be fully present and more comfortable on day one.

Whether it is a simple introduction to the briefs or first week targets or about the job role, there should be a detailed agenda charted out for new hire induction. Also, remember to loop in or mark the relevant team members on the email detailing the induction agenda. This helps the new hire know who are the relevant team members involved in respective tasks and also helps them feel welcomed in the organization.


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