Take a cue from blogger Yaro Zuarich, who gave his cloffice a personal touch with baskets-turned-pendants. He thrifted the baskets for $0.50 each (what a find!) and then used metallic paint and hot glue to turn them into hanging lights for his little space. He also hung a pegboard in his workspace, which offers a versatile solution for storing all sorts of work essentials. All they did was arrange a small floating desk and stool inside an existing closet, then hang a whiteboard on the wall. The closet still has its upper shelf and hanging rod, so if it doesn’t work out, the space can easily go back to storing clothes.

  • However, you need to understand that compromise is key in succeeding to getting that home office set up the right way.
  • Most tiny rooms with a door will still feel like a closet, but a little nook without a door could easily pass as a cute home office that you’ve built into your space.
  • Just because you’re working out of a closet doesn’t mean that your new office space has to look like, well, a utility closet.
  • Though a closet isn’t the ideal space for an office, you can still make it work with just a few simple steps.
  • If you do love a good fragrance, you might want to keep an oil diffuser on your desktop.
  • I adore this little closet office nook, especially compared to what it use to be.

Paint the closet’s interior in a favorite color, or add framed artwork or photos and decorative accents like vases and collectibles to show off your personality. A practical cloffice starts with a desk or tabletop surface where you can place your computer and spread out paperwork. Begin by measuring the closet to see if your desk, printer, or filing cabinets will fit. “The foundation of the space begins with a plan,” says professional organizer Ellen Delap.

Home Offices

After a basic cloffice setup is done, it’s time to take a look at 21 practical ways you can enhance your workspace and make it personal. At the end of a workday, the closet door can be shut to separate the office from the living space. Depending on the kind of cloffice you opt for, it can also become a part of your room’s decor.

Groceries can move into kitchen cabinets, your guests’ coats will be strung on a jacket rack, and linens may be stacked in baskets on bathroom shelves. After selecting your small workroom area, it is time to shift your thoughts toward your design. What colors, fabrics, and accessories converting closet to office go best with your current home decor? One of the closet ideas that you will genuinely need is lighting. Meredith Perkins of Curated Casa used a dark blue color to ground her client’s office closet and emphasize the space, but she also used books and artwork to balance it.

How To Set Up A Closet Office: 20 Ideas To Mimic

Depending on the location of the closet, natural light might be sufficient, but you may also need to install additional lighting fixtures. Converting a closet into an office can also help you stay organized. You can use shelves or drawers to store paperwork and supplies, as well as hang up items for easy access. A large closet can also have the bonus of natural lighting, perfect for a bright, cheery area instead of a closed storage feel. If you have a window, renovate the room so your desk can be beneath it for a beautiful view. Walk-in closets offer so much flexibility and creativity when it comes to crafting a beautiful office space.

  • Just because you’ve turned that closet into an office doesn’t mean you need to completely get rid of your clothes.
  • The first is to sit down and take a good hard look at what you’re working with.
  • Or, consider under-cabinet or shelf lights to help brighten up your desk.
  • When you rent your apartment or home, use battery-powered lights that could be mounted on the wall or shelf with double sided tape.
  • Use baskets to organize sweaters and intimates on your shelves and take advantage of every method available to keep your clothes and shoes organized.

If there are clothes still in the closet, a wardrobe lift can help you utilize the space all the way up to the ceiling. You can install locker-type enclosures with doors if you want those items kept out of sight while you work. It would also be a good place for retractable features like a hamper and ironing board.

How To Organize The Closet Office

Closet conversion is an excellent option for people who work from home and don’t have much space available in their homes. It can be done on a small budget, in just one weekend and is easy enough that even someone with no construction experience can do it. Closet offices offer a unique way to make the most out of any situation.

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