Most people immediately think of selling their junk like old CDs and DVDs. Considering the digital trends in 2024, CDs and DVDs are less likely to be sought after by buyers. You will need to show proof of your ability to translate without using machine translation tools. If you have a language degree or experience translating text, make sure to highlight that in your portfolio or résumé.

Translators can work in many different fields, including law, marketing, PR, healthcare, and education, and becoming one requires at most a certification or basic education background. If you’re passionate about helping people and have any experience in personal care, you might consider starting an eldercare business. Nursing homes make money from home jobs can be expensive and people are often hesitant to put their family members in full-time care facilities. Therefore, you might decide to offer freelance care, traveling to your clients’ homes and caring for them as needed. Keep in mind, you’ll want to make sure you have any certifications and the proper training you need.

Simple Steps to Becoming a Remote Worker with Good Pay

Thanks to advances in online collaboration software, it’s easier than ever to work remotely as a project manager. AccuTran Global focuses on transcription and related tasks, which include data entry jobs. It’s a great place for those looking to combine transcription and data entry skills. As a typist with Sigtrack, you’ll play a key role in digitizing historical documents for companies transitioning from paper to digital. This job focuses on typing accuracy and speed, transforming handwritten or scanned documents into digital formats. This less research-intensive role is ideal for those with strong typing skills, offering the flexibility to work remotely and manage your own schedule.

  • And the flexibility of working from home offers an appealing pathway toward eventual retirement.
  • You can work full-time or part-time, depending on your preference and availability.
  • If you start a gig on a freelance platform, make sure you provide a detailed profile letting potential buyers know what you offer and why they should choose you.
  • Earning extra money from home can be achieved through part-time remote work, freelancing, or launching a side hustle.
  • This idea is for the folks who live in popular tourist locations, or would like to move to one.

If you want to work from home — or anywhere in the world — consider a career in accounting, technology or graphic design. Just like business owners need a website to run a business, they also need a bookkeeper. Business owners tired of burning the candle at both ends often outsource their bookkeeping services. Some also get a wake-up call when they try to file their taxes and find out they aren’t organized enough with the necessary information to handle them.

Administrative Jobs

Sites like TutorMe, pay $16 an hour and offer tutoring in various subjects, including math, English, science, and history. You get paid instantly for each class you teach, and TutorMe pays weekly. If you run your own content business, you can ask for payment upfront to get paid daily, or you can wait to get paid upon completing the assignment. This app pays users to go to stores or other locations, take pictures, check prices, and evaluate displays, reporting in the app.

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